Grainger Foundation Enhances Communication for Children and Adults

Many students and clients that attend LADACIN are non-verbal due to the nature of their disability. As you can imagine, the ability to communicate effectively opens up a new world for children and adults who have previously been unable to express themselves in meaningful ways. LADACIN’s augmentative library contains a myriad of devices that enable students and clients to communicate. Based on an individual’s motor skills touchscreens, electronic switches and head and chin pointers are all in use.  As technology advances, so does the opportunity for people with more complex disabilities to be heard.

In keeping with their spirit of service, Grainger Foundation donated a Tobii Dynavox I-15 eye gaze system to LADACIN in March. The device tracks eye movement over a computer screen. Using their eyes, the person is able to select icons, letters and words to formulate speech and sentences. Once prompted by the user, the system speaks the message aloud.

This cutting edge device is a welcome addition to LADACIN’s catalog of assistive technologies. Grainger’s gift gives access to communication and learning where it once may not have existed. Moreover, it allows those who may have previously been isolated to stay socially connected and receive meaningful feedback from others. LADACIN is so grateful to organizations like Grainger who are genuinely committed to making a difference.



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