LADACIN Students on the Move

Kids Move is a way to give children the opportunity to run their first “marathon”. However, instead of running 26.2 miles in one day they do it in 5 weeks!
The New Jersey Marathon has partnered with Nov Nordisk and their Get our Youth Moving Marathon (GYMM) to promote an initiative that encourages children to exercise. The goal of Kids Move is for children to run, walk, or move in their wheelchairs to complete the equivalent of 25 miles over a 5 week period. On the last day of the challenge the last mile is run during the Kids Fun Run on the actual New Jersey Marathon course the day before the event.

At LADACIN Network, our students also competed in the Kids Move program. Though not running, they logged in hours of exercise with their teachers, therapists and assistants. Any kind of activity that they completed was recorded toward their 25 miles. On Thursday, April 27th, Kids Move was celebrated at the Lehmann School with students from Brick Township High School lending a hand to get everyone across the finish line. On Friday, April 28th, the students at Schroth School had a celebration as each child was pushed by staff members or moved themselves across the line. All the participants received a bracelet to commemorate their success. Congratulations to our students for completing their marathon and moving themselves closer to good health!

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