Thanks in large part to your support, individuals living with complex physical and developmental disabilities and delays are reaching these milestones.

Denise came to LADACIN at three years old. We delighted in her first day of school and applauded her college graduation. Today, we proudly support her efforts as she completes her autobiography using a vision-based communication device.

When three year old Mason came to us, he had his own unique way of communicating and getting around. Our staff affectionately called it ‘scooting’. Today he’s talking and walking like a champ.

Have a look at the progress your generous contribution makes possible.
In the video above, you’ll see Denise use her eyes to communicate, and Mason evolve from ‘scoot’ to walk.

Sometimes it’s finding the courage to take that first step, sometimes it’s adapting to a motorized wheelchair, sometimes it’s simply learning to blink as a method of communication. Our students and clients advance every day, in their own way. Your generous contributions fund education, equipment and opportunities that keep them moving forward.


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Did you know…

In 2010, LADACIN served 2,619 individuals. Today we are serving 3,573 people, an increase of 36%.

Our Early Intervention clinicians hold an average of 153 in-home sessions per day for infants and toddlers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. This is more than double the number of sessions per day in 2008.

LADACIN provides accessible housing for 87 people. Over 8,000 adults with developmental disabilities are on a waiting list for housing in New Jersey.

Despite increased enrollment, government funding has stayed the same or decreased for the past 8 years.

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