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Congratulations to all staff! We have received the results of our recent CARF survey and I am very pleased to announce that we have received a 3 Year-Accreditation once again! In fact, this report reflects the best Agency performance yet in all the years we have been accredited- we had only 4 recommendations!! I am so proud of all of the work that you do, it is immeasurably gratifying that an international accrediting body acknowledges your dedication and hard work as well!

I want to share some of the critical strengths that CARF has recognized in our Agency in their report:

LADACIN Network’s management team is an experienced group of professionals. The longevity and in service and commitment to the organization’s mission has provided consistency and stability and allowed LADACIN Network to grow.

The information and technology systems and plan supports program and administrative functions and should provide the organization with confidence that these critical systems are well maintained and protected.

LADACIN Network has developed a comprehensive strategic plan that is integrated and utilized throughout the organization…Progress is monitored and reported at all levels of the organization, including the board of directors.

The annual management report provides an extensive review of all focus areas of the organization. The consistent format and quantifiable measures provide valuable information that is used to monitor past performance and plan for future opportunities.

LADACIN Network’s buildings and properties are modern, accessible and well-maintained. The organization provides a quality living and working environment for the clients and its staff members.

The organization’s safety committee effectively monitors and addresses safety issues and actively promotes a healthy and safe environment at all programs and locations.

Family members and funders express a high degree of satisfaction with the services and supports provided at LADACIN Network.

The organization’s staff members are experienced and familiar with each client. This commitment lends itself very well to providing high levels of quality services to the clients.

The assistive technology program is successfully providing the clients with equipment and applications that enhances their lives. ..LADACIN Network is complimented on its use of technology and creative planning and engineering. A thorough review of the client’s assistive technology needs is completed at intake and ongoing thereafter.

The day programs have curriculums that are meaningful for the clients at all levels. One such curriculum is “Small Steps Significant Strides…”

The residential settings are bright and each client’s room is distinct and individualized according to his or her personal tastes. The bathrooms have been remodeled and are very large and roomy with showers that were designed to optimize the client’s comfort and privacy.

The residential staff members are proud of the services they provide, which is clearly evident in the familiarity and commitment to each client.

Community integration is a value that is evident at the day programs and the residential settings. The clients are encouraged and supported in their own choices and have control of their day activities, employment sites and pursuits.

LADACIN is commended for the staff members who provide support for the clients with complex and multiple disabilities.

The community employment options that have been developed…are customized to the unique needs and abilities of the clients and are located in professional and highly visible environments.

The facilities are warm, professional and engaging. It is evident that the staff members work seamlessly together.

The clients love the support and interaction they receive from LADACIN and express outward excitement for each staff member they interact with.

The vocational staff members work diligently to create new options for the clients to experience and offer comprehensive strategic planning to overcome barriers. The staff members are responsive to the needs and wants of the clients. The rapid response and engagement in activities from the staff members has allowed for increased skills acquisition.

It is obvious that you impressed these surveyors- so many of the strengths are directly related to our staff. I thank you for your commitment to the CARF survey preparation process; and more importantly, for demonstrating your excellence while the surveyors were here!


My best to you always,

Patti Carlesimo

Executive Director