Health and Medical Services

Our experienced in-house nursing staff dispenses medications, monitors medical status, attends community based trips, and administers a variety of medical treatments and assessments. They are actively involved in coordinating, planning and managing all medical clinics.

Our highly trained staff of related services personnel, along with family and other team members, assist in the full procurement of equipment that our students rely upon to foster mobility, positioning and independence.


Specialized medical and diagnostic clinics available at no cost to parents include:

  • Physiatry (Board Certified Pediatric Doctor of Physical Medicine)
  • Nutrition (Certified Dietition)
  • Neurology (Board Certified Pediatric Neurologist)
  • Dysphagia (Speech Language Pathologist with Specialized Certification in Feeding and Swallowing)

Durable Medical Equipment (such as braces, splints, walkers, power and manual wheelchairs and other mobility aids) clinics are held on a regular basis. Our team of related services personnel along with family and other team members assist in full procurement of equipment that our students rely on to foster mobility and positioning as well as independence. Our highly trained staff is familiar with the procurement procedure and assists families in all phases of the process.