Productive Employees

  • HIGH RETENTION – Highly dependable, dedicated and loyal workers (based on documented track record from other employers).
  • JOB MATCHING – We carefully screen and select candidates to match your job requirements.
  • FOLLOW UP AND ADJUSTMENT SERVICES – We provide ongoing job coaching and long term follow-up to ensure adjustment to the job and employer and employee satisfaction.

    Reduced Cost

  • TRAINING REIMBURSEMENTS – We can help you to qualify for grants that pay for up to half of a worker’s salary while the individual learns the essential knowledge and job skills required in an on-the-job program.
  • TAX INCENTIVES – We will help you to obtain tax credits you may be eligible for when hiring workers with disabilities.

    Other Benefits and Services

  • WORKPLACE EVALUATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS ON ADA – We can evaluate the worksite and recommend cost-effective removal of architectural barriers to improve process and productivity. We can also provide recommendations on job modification and other solution recommendations for “reasonable accommodation” that lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction.
  • WORKFORCE DIVERSITY – You can achieve higher levels of recognition in the community for good citizenship and support of minorities.