About Us

LADACIN Network (Lifetime Assistance for Developmental and Challenging Individual Needs) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to provide a continuum of care, including educational, therapeutic, social, residential, and support services to infants, children, and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays.

Established in 1952, formerly known as Cerebral Palsy of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, the Agency now serves over 3,500 individuals and their families and operates 14 facilities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

The people we serve have a range of developmental disabilities or delays including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, head trauma, spinal cord injury, autism, chromosomal anomalies, rare syndromes, and related neurological, cognitive, communication and mobility impairments.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Our principal programs include: Early Intervention, Child Care Services, School Programs, Adult Day Programs, Vocational and Supported Employment Programs, Residential Services and Family Support Services. The Agency seeks to help individuals with significant physical and medical needs to reach their fullest potential and highest level of independence by providing a myriad of services including educational programs; physical, occupational and speech therapy; nursing support, social work services; specialized clinic services; lift equipped transportation; vocational and pre-vocational training; personal assistant services; home health aide services; respite programs; and barrier-free residential options for adults. We are one of the only providers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties that have this comprehensive array of services and expertise.

Answering needs. Advancing potential.