Clinic Services

Physiatry, nutrition, podiatry, vision, wheelchair and orthotic clinics are conducted regularly throughout the year.

These clinics are coordinated by the Agency, in conjunction with area doctors and hospitals, specialists, orthotists, and prosthetists, to provide access to on-going medical assessment and follow up.

Referral to any clinic may be made by the family, the school district, members of the transdisciplinary team and other physicians, and social service organizations. Some clinic services may require Medicaid eligibility.

Clinician attending to a boy needing services

Services Available:

  • Coordination of referral services as identified by the examining or family physician and the transdisciplinary team
  • Nutrition clinics
  • Physiatry clinics
  • Vision clinics
  • Podiatry clinics
  • Wheelchair clinics
  • Orthotic clinics