LADACIN Network’s Early Intervention Program

LADACIN Network’s Early Intervention Program (EI) provides early identification, evaluation, and comprehensive services in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Last year, between evaluations and direct services, over 3,000 infants and toddlers were served.

As leaders in providing quality services and support to families and their children, our EI team is collaborating with New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS) and The Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health (CAECMH) at Montclair State University, in the creation of Parents Interacting with Infants (PIWI) training specific to our Early Intervention program.

The training emphasizes parent-child interaction as both the focus and context for understanding and promoting children’s development. The PIWI philosophy’s three major elements of social emotional wellness in infants and toddlers are Experiencing, Expressing, and Regulating Emotions.

Our training team, along with NJEIS trainers, have been certified to provide this training to Early Intervention practitioners statewide. Our Early Intervention practitioners are engaging and exchanging with their parent partners providing support, encouragement, and strategies to families in helping them understand and support their children’s Social Emotional Development.