Give and Take Child Care and Preschool Center welcomes students with a variety of experiences, strengths, and challenges.

LADACIN Network’s Give and Take Child Care and Preschool provides a safe, nurturing and healthy environment for children ages 6 weeks to 9 years. Services are open to children with disabilities as well as typically developing children.

Each and every child benefits when all children, regardless of ability, are served together in an inclusive environment. Children with special needs develop social skills and learn at a rate they would not in segregated settings. But just as importantly, children without special needs learn tolerance for differences, and show improved self-concept and growth in cultivating healthy socialization skills.

Children learning during day care

Inclusive practices help to create an atmosphere in which children are better able to accept and understand differences among themselves. Children begin to realize and accept that some people need to use wheelchairs, some use hearing aids, and some use their arms and legs in different ways. Inclusion can positively affect the viewpoint that typically developing children have toward children with special needs and increase their awareness of different types of disabilities. Typically developing children become very caring toward friends with special needs creating a unique experience in a diverse environment.